Terms of Use – “Taxi Star” company


The terms of use listed here are for taxi drivers who wish to use the services of Taxi Star.

The company provides a brokerage platform between customers and taxi drivers.

The terms of use constitute a binding agreement for the use of the Company’s services, the application it offers, and any content, website, application or other product owned by the Company.

The use of and access to the Company’s services attest to your consent to the terms, and without giving consent you may not use the services offered by the Company.

From time to time, the Company makes changes and additions to the services it offers. Any such additions or changes will be fully detailed, and their terms will be added to the terms specified herein.

The Company may change from time to time the conditions relating to the services it offers.

Terms are formulated in the masculine form but are intended for both sexes.

Rules for using the service:

In each trip, a meter must be operated according to the regulations of the Ministry of Transport or according to the price list of the Ministry of Transport only.

If the customer receives a lower price offer from the company the lower offer is the one that will be given to the customer.

There will be no transferred of a telephone number or any other means of communication to the customer, and the provision of such a measure shall be considers as theft.

In the case that a customer has requested contact information, you are obligated to provide only the details of the company’s station / application.

A driver who receives a ride through the system must perform the journey and not transfer it to any driver / other factor.

Any driver who wish to use the “Taxi Star” service is required to update personal data about him and the vehicle including: roofing, smoking and other additions – the goal is to allow the system to adapt the appropriate driver for customers with special requirements, such as customers who wish to smoke in the vehicle.

The location of the driver / client and the way of travel will be save and may be in use in the future.


It is strictly forbidden to do any of the following:  to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the services offered by “Taxi Star” or to the Services themselves and to harm any of them, to operate any software that extracts information or mines information or performs any kind of review of the Services or some of them , Or impair any part of the Services, to exploit the Services by copying, modifying, granting, distributing, displaying in broadcast or otherwise exploiting the Services, and to remove any copyright notice or any trademark or any other proprietary of the services offered by the “Taxi Star”.

Application license:

If you comply with all the conditions set forth here, “Taxi Star” provides you with a limited license (that cannot be sublicensed and cannot be transferred) to use the app and the services offered solely on your personal device. You may access and review any content related to the Services solely for personal purposes and not for commercial use.

Ownership of the Services:

All the services and rights offered are owned and acquired by “Taxi Star” today and in the future. Granting a license to use the Services in present time does not transfer any right or title, so you may not use the “Taxi Star” Products or its logo as well as other trademarks or service marks, including service names. You have no right other than the license granted here to use the Services.

SMS messages:

“Taxi Star” may occasionally send you text messages with relevant information as part of the service provided, unless you request to be removed from the Service by sending an email stating the request and adding the mobile number you wish to disconnect from those messages. Failure to receive these notices may impair the service provided due to the inability to transmit relevant information to you.

behavior rules:

You are required to arrive at any trip ordered through the “Taxi Star” app in appropriate attire, including: buttoned pants, closed shirt and closed shoes.

The vehicles must be clean and orderly, the air conditioner must be in order to provide high quality service to the customer.

You must arrive to any customer on time, no delays. If you authorize a trip, you are obliged to arrive at without any cancellations.

In exceptional cases, it is possible to cancel a trip up to 3 hours prior to the scheduled date, and only during the hours of operation 10:00 – 21:00 Sunday – Thursday.

On Fridays and Saturdays, you cannot cancel any trips.


You hereby declare that the driver’s license you hold, as well as the vehicle license, the travel license and mass insurance, and the passengers are valid, and without administrative disqualification / disqualification by the Licensing Authority and / or any other entity.

You undertake that you have not been convicted of committing an offense that prevents you from working as a taxi driver and there is no legal impediment to your work as a taxi driver.

You agree that if you disqualify one or more of the above licenses or prevent you from providing your services as a taxi driver, during the period of your employment with “Taxi Star”, notify the Company and cease to act immediately.

If any damage is caused and / or a claim and / or claims are filed by any party in the matter following the breach of the above-mentioned items, you undertake to take full responsibility for the costs and responsibilities.

Before beginning your work with “Taxi Star” you will be required to submit the following documents: Photocopy of valid driver’s license, valid insurance, valid driving license and valid vehicle license.

Terms of Payment:

It is hereby clarified that the terms of payment of ” Taxi Star ” are current + 15.

You must submit an invoice at the end of each calendar month, to prevent a delay in payment.

The payment will be calculated at the end of each month against an invoice, after deducting a 10% commission.

Payment will be transferred to the bank account of the driver / chic / CA according to the details of the invoice.

“Taxi Star” may at any time make changes to the charges as well as change their definition for the services provided by it or part thereof.


Any complaint received by the driver or a low weighted rating in the app will result in the removal of the driver from a service provider at “Taxi Star”.

We work with companies and according to agreements we have made, we may give fines for: delaying, taking passengers on non-clean vehicles and providing services that are not of a high standard as listed above.

The company will initially freeze or remove any driver / vendor from the service without giving a discussion.

Drivers are the company’s business card, so we expect representative and appropriate behavior, so that customers will return, and all parties will benefit.

It is important to remember that the ” Taxi Star ” system gives priority to drivers who have received high marks in the app. The higher your weighted score, the more travel you will receive.

Customer Policy:

“Taxi Star” provides a brokerage platform between customers and taxi drivers and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused directly or indirectly, or any claim received by customers.

Users account:

Joining “Taxi Star” service requires you to register and maintain an active user account and require you to be at least 18 years of age to open such an account or the legal age of legal jurisdiction in your jurisdiction. Each user can have only one account and this account should include all personal information requested such as name, address, phone number, age and other details requested by the system. You must provide the correct and accurate information as well as verify the validity of the credit card with which you are using the system and if it expires without updating another payment method you will not be able to access the service. Any activity under your account is at your own risk and you are required to keep your username and password confidential.

Using coupons

“Taxi Star” may sometimes create certain benefits for its customers as well as various coupons that can be used in the account, coupons relating to the services as well as services of third party vendors. When using these coupons, you agree to all terms and conditions of any coupon and coupon determined by the “Taxi Star” company and are aware that these coupons may not be transferred, duplicated or sold unless authorized by “Taxi Star” and can only be used for the purpose for which they were produced, Designated. These coupons will not be used as cash and their validity may expire before they are used. The use of these coupons may only be in accordance with the terms of “Taxi Star” and may change or cancel them at any time for any reason. Any unlawful use of these coupons as well as cases of fraud or non-compliance with the terms of use of the coupons may result in a reduction or cancellation or denial of credit in coupons by the “Taxi Star” company.

Device usage and network access:

Access to the Internet using a cellular device to use ISRAEL TAXI services may be subject to the tariffs and data transfer fees of the Company in which you subscribe. Any cost or commission on the use of the Internet to use ISRAEL TAXI services is for the user. “Taxi Star” will not be a party to such payment. The responsibility for access to this network and data is on the user as well as the purchase of the hardware or device from which “Taxi Star” system will be used.

“Taxi Star” will not be responsible for any malfunction, delay or damage to the devices used to make use of “Taxi Star”, and you must remember that the use of the Internet may sometimes be with malfunctions or delays.

Customers who wish to initiate legal proceedings against one of the drivers will be able to obtain the details of that driver and to open a counter in the requested procedures – “Taxi Star” will not bear any responsibility for the matter.

If an order has been placed, and a confirmation has been received for that order:

– Cancellation of a reservation within a period of 12-24 hours from the date of confirmation of the order will result in a charge of 50% of the total order.

– Cancellation of an order up to 12 hours from the date of booking confirmation or non-arrival to the service will be charged at full cost.

When collecting from a specific address, the customer must report at the scheduled time, any delay from the start of the service will be charged an additional fee.

Pick-ups from Ben-Gurion Airport:

From the time of landing, the customer will have 30 minutes free of charge beyond that time, he will be charged an additional fee.

Transfers from the airport will be charged an additional 30 NIS for parking.

Porterage from / to the door of the apartment involves an additional 160 NIS.

If a passenger is detained at the border control for more than 90 minutes, an additional charge of 250 NIS will be charged – for the VIP service (regardless of the driver’s waiting period).

“Taxi Star” or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be responsible for any delay and / or damage caused to the customer due to reasons beyond their control.

Limitation of Liability:

“Taxi Star” provides a brokerage platform between customers and drivers, in exchange for the fee charged for each trip, the amount of which was agreed upon by the parties in advance, and between the supplier and the employee / employer driver.

“Taxi Star” is not responsible for any offense or action that will be performed illegally or that contravenes the provision of transportation services in Israel.

In any claim filed by a customer, “Taxi Star” the company will not be held liable. The sole responsibility is that of the supplier / driver who provided the service – the company is entitled to keep all details of the driver including personal and personal telephone and any details that exist on it including travel history payments and any detail that enters the site / app and you can make any use that seems appropriate that there is also a need to transfer Third.